Dimension Controls

You are welcomed at your arrival in the terminal by Optima Express staff who measure the dimensions of your vehicle. This is done by driving your car through the measurement platform.


Issuing the Boarding Card

The Optime Express staff hand over the boarding card to you. He shows you the parking space where you can leave your vehicle. Your car or motorcycle will be loaded from this spot later on.


Optima Express Office

After parking your vehicle, you go to the Optima Express Office (visible from the parking lot) with your boarding card and travel documents. Your travel documents are controlled here.


Checking the Passenger List

In the check-in office, your boarding card is stamped and you can start loading your vehicle in the car transporter after the loading foreman's approval.


Loading the Vehicles

In the car transporter, you are going to be led to your parking position in the train. The vehicle will be fastened properly. Please do not forget to take all your important belongings (especially passports, tickets and valuable items) from the vehicle.

The vehicle must not be parked in neutral. It must be in an aisle run.

The vehicle must be parked with the handbrake on.

Very important:

After parking the car on the car carrier, the driver is obliged to lock the car's steering wheel.

In the event that the steering wheel of the car is not locked and in the event of damage to another or other cars, the driver will bear the resulting damage.


Entering the Passenger Coaches

After the vehicle loading is done, you proceed to the passenger coaches. Our train attendant who will accompany you throughout the journey waits for you before the wagons and shows you your compartments.


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